We have been owners of 121 Chisholm Dr. for several months and it is time to finally give it a name!

Maybe you are wondering...


Great Question! – here are a few reasons we are doing this…

1.    Theologically speaking, the church is not a place, but a people. Those who call MBC their spiritual home are the “Church”. The building is not the church, its just a building. So, we feel great freedom to move in this direction with 121 Chisholm. 

2.    We are using 121 Chisholm as both a ministry centre and a revenue source to fund ministries, so we are after a community friendly name for everyone using the facility.

3.    Our desire is to invite our neighbors and the nations to become worshippers of Jesus with us, and we know many non-Christian people will not enter a “Church” but will attend events at a neutral venue. We want to create a space for all people to gather.  We believe this will open doors to the gospel in many communities that otherwise would have their doors closed to us.

4.    We are not the first to do this. For instance, Don’s Smith church in Eastbourne, UK is called “Kings Church” & they meet at the “King’s Centre” – the name of their building.  In Naperville, IL “Community Christian Church” meets in the “Naperville Yellow Box”, a place used continually by the community. And the “Rogers Centre” is the home of the “Toronto Blue Jay’s”. You get the idea.

So, we are looking a new Name for Our New Home - Let's see your creative submissions below!

Submissions will be closed on March 25th and the top names will be revealed on Easter Sunday!